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The Open Startup Movement

Startup Benchmarks aims to take a critical step in a movement towards openness, transparency, and collaboration in the startup community by enabling startups to share and learn from each other's analytics data.


Enter your startup's analytics into the pool of metrics we use to compile benchmarks. Allow other registered users to view your startup's dashboard.


Benchmark your startup against its peers. View benchmarked dashboards of other startups.


While sharing limited analytics data with each other, we take privacy incredibly seriously. We store only the minimal data that we need to build your dashboard and compile benchmarks.

Learn more about our privacy and data storage policy.

How it Works

Instant Insights

  1. Sign in with a Google account linked to your startup's Google Analytics
  2. Add a startup from one of your Google Analytics properties
  3. Boom! Instant analytics on your own benchmark-enhanced dashboard

Comparing Apples with Apples

Benchmarking your 6 month-old SaaS product against community unicorns like Facebook or Twitter wouldn't yield helpful insights. We bucket startups into categories so that you can be sure that you're not comparing apples and oranges:

  • By categories that you choose, such as B2B, B2C, blog, etc.
  • By level of attention that your website receives, based on monthly sessions.

Benchmark-Enhanced Dashboards

Compound Monthly Grow Rate (CMGR)

The most important aspect of any startup is growth. At Startup Benchmarks, we believe the best indication of consistent growth is a risk-adjusted CMGR (blog post coming soon). We provide you with a 3- and 6-month CMGR (Compound Monthly Growth Rate) for your sessions, users, and pageviews, which we benchmark against other similar startups.

Early stage startup? We also provide a benchmarked simple 1-month growth rate to help gague your initial growth.

Realtime Benchmarks

We update your metrics every day, so you can have an up-to-date picture on your startup's performance.

Monthly Benchmarks

We also calculate historical benchmarks for the past 6 months so you can see your performance month-to-month.